birth doula

Supporting your birth journey

birth doula

Supporting your birth journey

birth doula services

Doula services will include 24/7 support during your whole pregnancy through texts/calls. I want to be a helping hand + calming person

to talk to as you grow your baby. This season of life is incredible + I want to make sure you have the best experience possible!!

1-3 prenatal visits

During prenatal visits, we will have the chance to go over your birth plan, wants/needs in labor, fears, coping with contractions, how your partner can best support you during labor, how to prepare in your home, and so much more!! I want to make sure you can go into your experience feeling confident, comfortable and connected with me as your doula! Prenatal visits can take place at your home or during a prenatal visit with your provider.

labor + birth support

From 38-42 weeks I will be on call 24/7 for your birth. At the start of labor, I can come to you whenever need my support, whether at home or at your birth place! I will support you by encouraging controlled breathing, applying counter pressure, offering light massage and so much more. Whether you need physical or emotional comfort, I will be by your side and ready to help! Once baby arrives, I will stay 1-2 hours to support mama + baby with whatever they need.

1 postpartum visit

I will offer 1 in-home Postpartum visit to check in on you and baby. It is my goal to support, help and be there to talk to mamas after having a baby while they fill their beautiful role of becoming a mother. You can decide how soon you want this visit to be once your sweet babe is here! This also includes 1 meal that I will bring over to feed your sweet family!

prices starting at $1,000